Our Story

In 2004 on a quiet Manhattan street corner in Hell’s Kitchen, our founders built a wood burning oven that sparked a revolution...Taboon Restaurant is the home of The Original Wood-fired Middleterranean® Kitchen. It is there that Chef Efi Naon pioneered his signature cuisine marrying flavors from the Middle-East and Mediterranean. There in Hell’s Kitchen, seared in the smoke and fire of the Taboon, our passion for feeding people and our desire to producing an authentic and superior product from natural clean ingredients gave birth to Taboonette… the “little Taboon”.

Our Mission:

Today Taboonette is revolutionizing the falafel shop by filling pitas, plates and bowls with our trademark Middleterranean® creations inspired by the healthy diets of the Middle East and Mediterranean. We are committed to a Chef driven menu, made from scratch, producing restaurant quality food in a fun quick service setting with American style!

You can start filling your pockets at:

30 E 13th St, New York

30 E 13th St, New York | (212) 510-7881 | orders@taboonette.com |Contact Us